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The Web 2.0 technology being compared to YouTube is Vimeo.
Vimeo is a video sharing website founded by a group of filmmakers in 2004. As of 2013,
the site has millions of viewers on daily basis.
"Vimeo is a friendly place where people who take and love videos can
share, watch, discover, and be inspired."

YouTube and Vimeo share many similarities. As an obvious fact, they both are video sharing websites and both offer a free service. Both technologies offer a 'community' type feel; they allow you to follow or subscribe to other members and also leave comments and feedback on videos.

As it seems, Vimeo is a much more 'premium' website; meaning you can upgrade your account (increased upload data, higher upload quality and much more) for a fee, where with YouTube, it is all free. Also with Vimeo, you can join groups to discuss certain
videos as well as watching full length films in HD.

Another thing to note with Vimeo, is that is very contained with it's uploaded videos. You can search by categories such as 'travel & events', 'sports' and 'experimental.' And as separate as the categories are, it does not seem as widely diverse as YouTube is; with everything
from daily vlogging to makeup tutorials.

Overall, both YouTube and Vimeo offer superior services, with YouTube being for more of a social stand point and offering more diversity, where Vimeo being for more
of a creative and business stand point.

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